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soputan adventure and birding tour 24 MARCH 2014

north sulawesi adventure soputan volcano and birding tour.24 MARCH 2-15

and explore the best on soputan volcano.
start early from green lake resort tomohon city.
guide jotje lala guided mrs pola and her hudband endo from germany
arive in the point of panorama after we explore soputan one we stop and enjoy the nice active volcano soputan 3 while we was resting sundenly the cloud come and after we heard the explodition of volcano and we saw the te sone roling down.and then te volcano clear again. In ths time we saw the black smoked flew down from he top and flew  to the southern part of soputan volcano [euption]
on the the trek we saw  tree diferen species of fly catcher birds  ie citrune ,matinan and blue matinan fly cather and blu and pigmy king fisher,large parrots and alot of mountain birds.
my in before.

other info .
travel sulawesi and its adventure.

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